Reminder and Tips to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter and the Holiday Season

As Winter approaches, we would like to remind you to check all of your outdoor plumbing and ensure it is ready for the season. Schedule a service call if you have any questions, concerns or would like us to perform any needed winterization services. 

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During the holiday season to help avoid any untimely sewer blockages, remove any non-flushable items (wipes, paper towels) from the bathrooms when guests are expected. The last thing that you want is for us to make a visit to your holiday party. Read our winterization tips below to help avoid costly repairs due to freeze damage.

1. Hose Bibs

Your outdoor hose connections need to be checked for proper winterization to prevent freezing during the Winter months. First, identify what type of hose bib you have.

Frost Free Hose Bibs

If you have frost free hose bibs, you will need to make sure the water is turned off at the hose bib and that all hoses are drained and detached form the hose bib. Leaving hoses attached over the winter can cause your frost free hose bibs to freeze and burst.

Wall Hydrant

If you have wall hydrants, the water must turned off inside the house to prevent it from freezing. Leave the wall hydrant in the On position during the Winter.  As with frost free hose bibs, be sure to detach the hose and drain hoses and store them indoors for Winter.

2. Outdoor Showers

Outdoor showers must also be drained completely for Winter. Locate the shut off valves located inside the home and turn them to the Off position. Locate the drains for the hot and cold lines and open them completely. Be sure to turn the shower valve to the On position and drain any handheld fixture hoses.

3. Dock Lines

Many dock lines need to be professionally winterized with compressed air. If you are in need of this service, please schedule a service call with us. Make sure the the dock line connection inside the house is turned to the Off position. Open all drains and hose connections, disconnect and drain all hoses and store them indoors for Winter. Water can remain trapped in dock lines even if the drains and hose connections are open. 

4. Lawn Irrigation

Your lawn irrigation system should be winterized by your irrigation service company. If your irrigation system is not properly winterized, it can damage the back flow prevention system protecting your drinking water from unsanitary water located in the irrigation system. Repair of freeze damage to this system can be costly and will have to be done by a licensed plumber. If you are need of irrigation winterization service, please contact us for a reference to a trusted contractor.

5. Traps

If you have any outdoor plumbing fixtures such as sinks that have traps, remove threat trap and pour the remaining water out. If you cannot remove the trap, you can fill the trap with RV antifreeze.


We hope that these tips will help keep your plumbing safe for the season and help you avoid unneeded repairs.

Happy Holidays,

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