Hydro-Jetting Services Available

Howard Plumbing offers a hydro-jetting for residential & commercial clients in Anne Arundel County, Queen Anne’s County & parts of Prince George’s and Baltimore County to clear debris from drains, pipes, and sewers efficiently, environmentally, and economically. We are the trusted Hydro-Jet service provider for residential and commercial needs. Customers choose us for our thorough 3-step process and professional technicians.

  1. Camera Inspection
    Allows technicians to visually diagnose the blockage and recommend the correct solution.

  2. Hydro Jet
    Clear pipes from 1.5” – 6” in diameter. High-pressure removes debris instantly without disruption or backflow.

  3. Re-Inspect
    Camera inspection to ensure the blockage has been cleared and ready for use.

“They are at my house now and are able to kill roots and avoid replacing my lines that a competitor indicated would be necessary. Saving thousands of dollars! They also were able to find access to the main drain without having to muck up my bathroom and remove my toilet, something the competitors charged for and was apparently unnecessary.

— Michael L.

Common Causes of Drain / Sewer Clogs

  • Hair buildup
  • Grease blockages
  • Tree roots
  • Food oil, cooking waste, fibrous or expandable food materials

Commercial Hydro-Jet Needs?

  • We offer commercial hydro-jetting services and contracts for communities. Contact our master plumber about your project.

We work with the industry's top brands including: